Let's Talk Money and Business

“I hate money, and I’d rather be poor.”
– Said nobody ever.

Being money minded is your SUPER-POWER!

Forget whoever says otherwise. The top 5% people influence the rest of the population, more than the 95% combined.

So why do you want to

  • wake up groggy
  • go to boring and monotonous job
  • earn a monthly salary
  • spend on “stuff”
  • have a near-zero net worth
  • and DIE AS A NOBODY?

When you can

  • wake up excited for the day
  • make an impact on hundreds of thousands of lives EVERY DAY
  • take vacations when it suits you
  • have a lot of MONEY coming in regularly without you spending your time
  • and live like a legend

By making a few simple choices

A little background

Hi, I’m Ned! 

A freelancer with passion for an automated life. 

Starting out, I received a ton of bad money advice and was absolutely lost …

My monthly paychecks were spent on crap that didn’t matter (like everyone else). 

And after 3 years of working at a job, I had ZERO savings.

But I was desperate. And I’m sure YOU ARE TOO.

So, what was my next step?

I picked up 100+ finance books. And spent months reading through all of them. By the time I was done, it felt like I knew money better than myself.

Let me make business easy for you

You have a full time job. And you’re busy!

And all you want to do is say: “Screw you boss!” and walk the f*ck out. 

You don’t have the time and energy to venture outside of a job right now. And I understand…

Because a job sucks your life out of you, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

This could have easily been an obstacle.


I’m here to make things easy for you.

MoneyModels is the place where I distill all my learning so you know what matters.

It a journal that you can read can read to get into the business mindset.

Because, the more you stay in the mindset of freedom, the more you are likely to achieve the freedom.