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“I hate money, and I’d rather be poor.” – Said nobody ever.

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Super Power of being money minded

Being money minded is your SUPERPOWER!

Forget whoever says otherwise. The top 5% people influence the rest of the population, more than the 95% combined.

Why should you….

  • wake up groggy
  • go to boring and monotonous job
  • earn a monthly salary
  • spend on “stuff”
  • have a near-zero net worth
  • and DIE AS A NOBODY?

If you can….

  • wake up excited for the day
  • make an impact on hundreds of thousands of lives EVERY DAY
  • take vacations when it suits you
  • have a lot of MONEY coming in regularly without you spending your time
  • and live like a legend

By making a few simple choices

About Money Models

A little background...

Hi, I’m Ned!

A freelancer with passion for an automated life. Starting out, I received a ton of bad money advice and was absolutely lost …

My monthly paychecks were spent on crap that didn’t matter (like everyone else).

And after 3 years of working at a job, I had ZERO savings.

But I was desperate. And I’m sure YOU ARE TOO.

So, what was my next step?

I picked up 100+ finance books. And spent months reading through all of them. By the time I was done, it felt like I knew money better than myself.

Making business and finance easy moneymodels

Let me make business easy for you

You have a full-time job. And you’re busy!

And all you want to do is say: “Screw you boss!” and walk the f*ck out.

You don’t have the time and energy to venture outside of a job right now.

And I understand…

Because a job sucks your life out of you, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

This could have easily been an obstacle.


Let’s make things easy for you.

MoneyModels is the place where I distill all my learning so you know what matters.

It is a journal that you can read to get into the business mindset.

Because, the more you stay in the mindset of freedom, the more you are likely to achieve freedom.