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Business Models

There is a structure behind every business. That structure helps businesses make money. You'll be surprised at how many businesses operate with the same structure.


New startups spawn daily. Some reach the top, while some continue to struggle to get off the ground. Here, we talk about the startup successes, top startups, and failed startups.

Personal Finance

How can you make your financial life better? For years, I struggled with understanding money. At MoneyModels, I try to make money, very easy to understand for you.

Favorite Business Models

WhatsApp is the most preferred instant messaging application according to Inc magazine. But after they tossed their $1 subscription model, how is Whatsapp making money? Read more…

MEGA offers 50 GB free cloud storage for all new users! But how does MEGA make money? During my research, the MEGA business model turned out to be one of the very interesting business models out there. Read more… is a free job posting website. It connects recruiters and job seekers from across the globe. But how does Indeed make money? With a pay-per-performance business model, what are the revenue sources of Indeed? Read more…

Discord is one of the leading, completely free chat apps in the gamer circle in 2020. So how does Discord make money? What’s the Discord business model? Let’s break this article down into small bite-sized chunks and figure out how Discord sustains their business! Read more...