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  • How does BharatPe make money

    How Does BharatPe Make Money? [Business Model Case Study]

    Imagine a world where mobile payments are as ubiquitous as smartphones. In this world, small merchants can accept payments seamlessly, and digital transactions are fast, secure, and hassle-free. BharatPe, a leading Indian fintech startup, is bringing this vision to life. But how does BharatPe make money? In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into […]

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  • How does CRED make money

    CRED Business Model – How Does CRED Make Money?

    CRED rewards users for paying bills through the app. But what is the business model of CRED and how does CRED make money when it’s a free app? CRED Business Model – How does CRED make money? CRED earns money through offer listing fees. The businesses that list offers also pay a commission to CRED […]

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  • How does Zerodha make money

    How does Zerodha make money? [Business Model]

    Zerodha is the most well-known discount broker in India. They shook the entire industry in just a few years since inception! But, how does Zerodha make money? They offer zero brokerage long-term/delivery trades and a fixed maximum brokerage of ₹20 for intraday trades. Compare with the full-service brokers, that’s negligible. Let’s dig deep into Nithin […]

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